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Lessons from Hanjin: is Your Supply Chain Still at Risk?

By Amy Clark | September 15, 2016

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The world’s seventh largest freight carrier is still treading water as its ships fail to find a place to dock.

Hanjin's Insolvency Leaves Few Options

By Andrew Beso | September 2, 2016

Hanjin Shipping’s financial limbo has taken a turn for the worst as its creditors have ruled out any further funding.

Is Samsung's Supply Chain Prepared for its Demand?

By Joseph Tanador | August 25, 2016

Demand and pre-orders for Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone have exceeded the company’s estimates, the South Korean tech giant and the world’s largest smartphone maker announced on Wednesday.

What's in Store for the Battery Supply Chain?

By Precious Silva | August 23, 2016

Smart solutions in consumer electronics and automotive prompted a whole new need for portable energy storage solutions, promising billions in return.

Will the New Panama Canal Save the Shipping Industry?

By Jenina Borromeo | August 22, 2016

The expansion of the Panama Canal, which handles about a third of Asia-to-US trade, is poised to boost trade and shipping services by shortening the one-way journey by sea from Asia to the U.S. East Coast.

Tesla and the Future of the Trucking Industry

By Paula Lucero | August 11, 2016

The global trucking industry is currently facing two great challenges for sustainability: to transport a significantly higher volume of goods, and to further develop new means of delivery concepts.

Businesses Ramp Up IoT in their Supply Chains

By Angelo Rivera | August 10, 2016

IoT for the supply chain and transportation industries will enable organizations to work smarter, plan better, and foster intelligent decision making processes.

UK Pharma Awaits Fallout Following Brexit

By Josephine Grace Aguilo | July 29, 2016

A month after the British people voted to leave the EU, difficulties for the pharmaceutical industry and risks in future investments have arisen.

How Undersea Cables will Shape Communication

By Christine Balba | July 27, 2016

For more than a century, undersea cables have been an essential aspect of the infrastructure for the global product economy. These fiber-optic cables are laid on the seabed between land-based stations, carrying digital signals across stretches of ocean.

Inside Google's Supply Chain Shift

By Precious Silva | July 26, 2016

Google is set to shake up the smartphone market with its own handset.