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How Undersea Cables will Shape Communication

By Christine Balba | July 27, 2016

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For more than a century, undersea cables have been an essential aspect of the infrastructure for the global product economy. These fiber-optic cables are laid on the seabed between land-based stations, carrying digital signals across stretches of ocean.

Inside Google's Supply Chain Shift

By Precious Silva | July 26, 2016

Google is set to shake up the smartphone market with its own handset.

How E-Commerce is Shaping the Logistics Industry

By Frances Zyra Mella | July 21, 2016

E-commerce is growing at an impressive rate. The total global business to customer e-commerce sales is anticipated to grow to US $2.3 trillion by 2017. In the United States, it’s expected to have an annual growth rate of 9.8% from 2013 and 2018. In Europe, it has an even bigger expected growth rate of 12% per year in the same time frame. But all that growth has to affect the global logistics industry.

Speculation and Shipping in the South China Sea

By Francine Yulo | July 18, 2016


Less has been said about the Permanent Court of Arbitration's ruling on territorial claims to the South China Sea than about the People’s Republic’s controversial—and yet not unexpected—dismissal of the tribunal’s conclusion. When dealing with an area said to match the size of Mexico with an estimated US $5T in myriad forms moving through it at any given time, everybody involved is bound to wonder what it means for business. A destabilized shipping route drives up costs in more ways than one, but how close are we to a problem that has yet to definitively present itself?

The National Truck Driver Shortage is Threatening the Freight Industry

By Joseph Tanador | July 18, 2016

The trucking industry, which moves 70% of US freight, has been facing a driver shortage for the past 15 years. The industry is short 48,000 drivers, and its severe turnover rate—87% in 2015—isn’t helping. Shipping routes and truck sales have been severely impacted. Other countries including Australia, Canada, and the UK are facing the same issue. Will the industry turn itself around?

Terror Attack in Nice, France: What We Know So Far

By Joseph Tanador | July 15, 2016


France extended its State of Emergency for three months following the terror attack in the city of Nice at Bastille Day celebration, the country’s most important national holiday, on Thursday evening, July 15. President François Hollande said Europe faces "immense danger" and has called for a "profound change"  in the European Union.

G20 Summit: Supply Chains Disrupted For Clear Blue Skies

By Angelo Alix | July 14, 2016

In preparation for the upcoming G20 summit in China this September, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau (SEPB) issued an order for an estimated 1,000 factories within a 300-km radius of Shanghai to cut down production.

Xiaomi's Success in India Could Impact the Global Supply Chain

By Daves Zandueta | July 12, 2016

India is becoming a battleground for market share among smartphone makersand success will come down to supply chain.

What You Need to Know About Super Typhoon Nepartak

By Elementum News Desk | July 6, 2016


Super Typhoon Nepartak has wreaked havoc on Taiwan and eastern China's Fujian province. 

How Can Businesses Benefit from Brexit?

By Elementum News Desk | June 29, 2016

Despite the widespread fear and foreboding, a few voices maintain that an independent UK will, with some work, be a long-term economic boon for the country—and the rest of the world.