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Earthquake Updates - Hualien, Taiwan

By Cameron Gao | February 6, 2018

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The 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Eastern Taiwan on February 6th continues to have aftershocks, with plenty more expected to occur in the days ahead. As of writing, there have been 2 fatalities and 200+ injuries mostly in Hualien City. Most notable in the media were the collapse of two buildings and the subsequent nighttime rescue operation. While not a particularly devastating earthquake as the one exactly two years ago that killed 115, such regular occurrences are still a fact of life for areas near the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Can Technology Save the American Freight System?

By Elementum News Desk | February 6, 2018

The American trucking industry has long been bracing itself for a major disruption. Recent advancements in mobile marketplaces and self-driving technology could solve labor shortage issues, ushering in a new era of trucking.

Why Tesla’s Gigafactory Is (Still) the Assembly Line of This Century

By Elementum News Desk | February 2, 2018

Ford’s Model T and Tesla’s Model 3 both share a lineage that’s eerily parallel — and often intertwined. But a bottleneck in the Model 3's assembly line now has skeptics wondering if the comparison is still apt.

Amazon vs. Flipkart: The Race to Dominate Indian E-Commerce

By Charlotte Lee | January 31, 2018

Indian e-commerce company Flipkart is in fierce rivalry with Amazon over the country's online retail market. Both have unique advantages, but the true test will be which company can best tailor its offerings to the Indian consumer’s palate.

The Cost of Disaster

By Harriete Lugue | January 25, 2018

Natural disasters continue to dominate headlines worldwide and are only likely to increase in prevalence in years to come. Last year marked the costliest on record for natural disasters in the United States. The country suffered an estimated $306 billion in disaster-related damages in 2017, predominantly due to major hurricanes and wildfires.

Trucking Companies Are (Finally) Recruiting More Women

By Charlotte Lee | January 23, 2018

The American Trucking Association estimates that trucking companies are short by as much as 45,000 drivers. In light of this shortage, pressure has been mounting on carriers to reach out to untapped workforce pools in order to close the gap and keep supply chains moving. If the trend continues, the ATA predicts the industry could fall short by 174,000 drivers by 2026. Now, trucking and logistics companies are trying to recruit more women to overcome growing driver shortages. Why are there so few women in the business to begin with, and what needs to change for there to be more?

 Elementum Lists 3 Trends That Will Impact Supply Chain in 2018 

By Janie Ryan | January 19, 2018

In 2017 drone deliveries went from rumor to reality. Online retail continued its steady eclipse of brick-and-mortar outlets, forcing big brands to reassess the importance of seamless last-mile delivery in nurturing customer relationships. And companies had the painful realization that, faced with an empty shelf or “out of stock” notification, most customers will drop a purchase entirely and head for the next best option.

Preparing for Disaster

By Andrew Beso | January 9, 2018

Last year Houston faced historically devastating flooding during Hurricane Harvey. Nine trillion gallons of water and 60 inches of rain fell from the sky in a span of two days, causing damage to the economy amounting to an estimated $190B. As the intensity and scope of natural disasters hitting the US continues to increase, it is becoming clear that cities like Houston have infrastructure and urban planning that are not built to withstand the havoc these storms bring.

Bomb Cyclone Hits East Coast

By Andrew Beso | January 4, 2018

Winter Storm Grayson, bringing snow, ice, rain, and strong winds to the country’s eastern seaboard, is now tagged as a “bomb cyclone” - a label used when the barometric pressure of a storm drops by 24 millibars within 24 hours. This level of air pressure is said to be on par with that of a Category 1 or Category 2 hurricane.  Its impact is being felt along the entire US East Coast; it first hit the southeast on Wednesday and is now headed towards New England, according to the latest reports. Temperatures are expected to continue dropping until the weekend.  

The Tenuous Supply Chain of Your Returned Gifts

By Janie Ryan | December 20, 2017

Retailers are in the midst of the country’s most frenzied shopping season. The holidays never fail to draw out shoppers in droves, and this trend — rivaling in popularity humble holiday traditions like cozying up with hot chocolate — shows no sign of slowing down. The National Retail Federation reports that this year more than 174 million Americans shopped from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday (a mere five day window), exceeding their projection of 164 million. This translates to a 16% rise in holiday spending from last year.